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Go Developer
Location is discussable
3+ years
As part of your work on the product, you will tackle the following:
  • deep diving into the DeFi market
  • devoting a part of your time to R&D
  • using complex algorithms
  • immersing yourself into cryptographic protocols

What we offer:
  • an opportunity to participate in the early stages of a product that will later scale to millions of users
  • startup culture and a flexible project management style
  • zero legacy – the absence of arrays of someone else's code
  • zero “monkey job” tasks – interesting tasks and continuous development
  • team expertise in financial markets

Our work conditions:
  • 100% paid sick leave and holidays
  • health insurance and a gym membership
  • any necessary work equipment
  • we are willing to invest in your training and development
  • the journey from the interview to the offer will take about a week

What we expect:
  • 3+ years of experience in Go
  • technical English language skills
  • a technical mindset and an interest in DeFi
  • readiness to quickly adapt and engage with the unknown